Saturday, December 29, 2007

Classics Ultra Magnus

This is a classics Ultra Magnus that I acquired in a 2-pack with Skywarp. He's basically a straight repaint of Classics Optimus Prime with minor differences like the autobot insignia on his shoulders. He is fun to play with and very posable. My only gripe is that the white plastic is prone to yellowing.
The alt mode is a white semi-truck with rounded edges instead of the traditional flat cab.

His smokestacks and the wind deflector thingy on his roof becomes his guns in robot mode.

Technical Data
Strength : 9
Intelligence : 9
Speed : 6
Endurance : 8
Rank : 8
Courage : 9
Fireblast : 6
Skill :8


olokin said...

Thats a nice review of UM.

tfnut said...

Thank you.. :)