Sunday, January 27, 2008

Operation Husky : Stakeout II

Continued from Operation Husky : Repair Bay

The transformers organize another spying mission on Togo the Destroyer. Bonecrusher and and Scavenger were voted for the job as their paintjob suited the mission site.

Bonecrusher and Scavenger perched atop a small tree, keeping a close eye on Togo the Destroyer.

Bonecrusher feeling the nerves as the images of a battered Astrotrain plays around in his hard drive.

The pair left the scene just in the nick of time! Moments after they left Togo the Destroyer began to viciously attack the tree they were on!


Ann said...

astaga tu pukuk.. hancur boz

boyarque said...

hahahaha...good job man! I'm boyarque, m4xspeed partner in crime.
Really cool bro! Are u somehow related to KA from transmy?
Coz ur sense of humor just got me in stitches...:D
Gonna keep a bookmark on this!
Btw, my email is, blog ultimatetwins.


Lorraine said...

Nasib tidak kena kencing tu pokok.Hahah.