Friday, January 4, 2008


Classics Skywarp is the other half of the "Battle for Autobot City" which includes Classics Ultra Magnus. Skywarp is part of the three original seekers in the G1 cartoons along with Thundercracker and Starscream. Three other seekers also known as the coneheads would later join them in the series. All six seekers are available in the Classics line however I only own Skywarp. Skywarp shares the same mold with Starscream and Thundercracker(released as a Botcon Exclusive, hence dooming me to never owning one) with differences only in colour and stripe patterns. Skywarp is the best looking of the three with classic black and purple decepticon paint scheme and pays excellent homage to the G1 cartoon Skywarp, being the most accurate toy to date of the character.Skywarp's alternate mode is a black and purple F-15 fighter jet. He looks very sleek and really does look like he can 'warp' the skies.

The robot mode is even more impressive than its alt mode, being very accurate to its cartoon counterpart. However this accuracy comes at a price, which is very limited articulation. The head hardly turns at all and there is very limited arm movement. The null rays are supposed to attach to pegs on his shoulders but I prefer leaving them on the wings as they interfere with the wings when you want to move them. The colours are simply awesome and the afterburners on his heels are a nice touch.

Technical Data
Strength : 7
Intelligence : 9
Speed : 10
Endurance : 7
Rank : 9
Courage : 9
Fireblast : 8
Skill : 8

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